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About Enérgico - Electric Fences

Enérgico S.A. is a full service security company that integrates advanced high voltage Security fencing systems with movement sensors, remote monitoring systems and photoelectric barriers creating the most effective combination for perimetral security for home, industrial, commercial and institutional use.

Enérgico S.A. provides a complete solution based on the natural fear to electric shock combined with an alarm system. The system works with high voltage pulses but with very low amperage. When an intruder gets in contact with the wires, receives a very painful - though not lethal- punishment. If only one or two pulses are lost during an intrusion attempt (not enough time to successfully break in) the alarm will not be triggered. Only when serious attempts happen and a large number of electrical pulses are lost, the alarm sounds. This simple principle provides the lowest false alarm rate of any security system available in the market, besides, the electric fence is a powerful psychological deterrent even when it is switch off.