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Products by Enérgico - Electric Fences


Sistema Enérgico S.A. installs and distributes equipment and accessories for worldwide market leaders in electric fences in Venezuela. which specialize in Integrated Perimeter Security Intrusion Detection Systems, offering solutions to the security needs of the customer. Another advantage is the possibility of integrating the latest in technology fencing systems, along with other detection systems according to the specific requirements of a given project, including equipment such as: cable sensors, vibration detection systems, infrared sensors, etc. Apart from which, both systems have been certified under the highest international security regulations (CE and UL). Being aesthetically pleasant and having the best price-value, our electric fences represent a highly dissuasive element capable of detecting any possible attempt of intrusion into your property.

Products – Electric Fences
Depending on the model, Enérgico S.A.´s products provide a one or two year guarantee; while the installing has a year guarantee against faults in the process. The guarantee does not cover fortuitous events such as a tree falling on the fence or an intrusion attempt.

Manteinance Policy
Enérgico S.A. offers as an option a maintenance and service policy which covers a predetermined number of check-up or repairing visits for a prearranged price based on the number of linear meters. This policy is widely appreciated by condominiums and companies, as well as by home owners.

By having this policy the client receives a 20% discount in bigger works (labor and material wise) in case these are required. Also, the policy assures a constant control of the fence’s well-functioning in charge of genuinely specialized personnel.

Quality Standards
Enérgico S.A.'s equipments adjust to CENELEC´s strict regulations.

How the system works
The system consists of an energizer (manufactured under the highest quality and safety standards) which emits a high voltage intermittent signal (from approximately 7 to 10 thousand volts) but very low amperage (milliamperage). This energy constantly circulates through the system´s wires that surround the protected perimeter using intermittent pulses , not continuous current.