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High voltage, high security - A comprehensive solution

Acero Eléctrico® System is a complete system by Cerco Eléctrico®, combined with Acerogrill® on the bottom part and an alarm system equipped with a battery for the system to continue to protect your property even if the power supply of the street has been cut.

An investment with excellent results
Acero Eléctrico®
is a powerful welcome committee for intruders. Above: Cerco Eléctrico® Enérgico® provides high-voltage shock to the intruder and activates an alarm system. Below: Acerogrill®, up to 540 points electrofusion per square meter, a formidable barrier to any intruders.

Other available alternatives in the market meet only a passive deterrent function. Where Enérgico® has installed systems, the incidence of theft is reduced dramatically. A system that commands respect, value your property and reduces monitoring costs of your business or condominium. In addition, our systems meet security standards CENELEC (EN 61011-2), are CE / UL certified. The Acerogrill® wall has a 10 year warranty and is manufactured under AST standards required by the oil industry.

Acero Eléctrico®
is designed to prevent unauthorized entry to your property and is built to the highest safety standards. The Intruder gets AN extremely unpleasant electrical shock that repels without permanently affecting him because the system uses micropulses (not DC) of very high voltage but low amperage. A physical barrier is deterrent, while a detection system that supports its zoning to know exactly where the attempt of penetration is taking place.