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Livestock Fences

Comprehensive Solution for Effective Animal Control

Complete system of electric fences to increase the efficiency of the producer.Effective control of all types of domestic and wild animals.

Low cost fences: about a quarter of the cost of conventional and barbed wire .

Customer Service
Comprehensive advice and technical support in the field by trained personnel provided by Gallagher agents distributed in over 100 countries around the world.

Proven Reliability and Performance
High quality materials, efficient manufacturing equipment and stringent quality controls, ensure a highly reliable product.
Each product is backed by the Gallagher Quality Assurance.

Advanced Technology
Since 1938, Gallagher has invested in research and development, more than any other electric fences company in the world.Gallagher leading engineering team designs and develops Gallagher each product, using advanced computers and highly sophisticated tools like ProEngineer and Moldilow.Result: Innovative products to meet the needs of today's producer. More than 100 patents (and patent applications) worldwide.

The Revolutionary "SmartPower" Energizer (The Intelligent Energizer)
As modern techniques in range management demand better fences, new technologies in electric fences allow producers to increase their profitability.

The revolutionary SmartPower energizer, with Remote Control, offers an electrified fence system that provides greater performance, reliability, operational efficiencies, saving considerable time.

SmartPower is the energizer that has been most thoroughly researched, developed and subjected to stringent quality tests. After 5 years (30,000 hours) Research and Development, Gallagher obtained 6 new patents around the world and is testing 150 prototypes in 6 different countries. The new SmartPower Energizer combines Gallagher innovation with advanced technology to develop an Electrified Fence System that will maximize the livestock management techniques to increase the profitability of the producer of the field.

The Gallagher Energizers provide:
Proven performance in all terrains and weather conditions.

Electronic pulse that travels more efficiently on the fence line. The shape and pulse duration ensures a better control of the animal.

The Energizer is the heart of an electric fence for livestock use.
There is a Gallagher energizer for all types of permanent or portable fence.

Choosing the correct energizer is essential for effective control of animals.

Replaceable modules for easy service.

Responds to international standards.

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