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General Questions

FAQs - General Questions

The energizer produces a studied combination of high voltage modulated as pulses (not DC) but very low amperage that causes an immediate electric shock, that is unpleasant, but without causing permanent damage. The person will recover after half an hour or less, with no permanent consequences (the effect varies depending on the physique, footwear -more or less insulation- and conductivity of the soil).

There are no local laws that prohibits or rule against its use. It is perfectly legal to have it installed, and hundreds of buildings, residencies, industries and stores already have done it without any problem in many countries.

An Electric Fence is installed following international regulationson the matter (CENELEC) and based on the principle of private property.

An Electric Fence does not require any permits. Like any other system of perimeter protection, such as fences, TV closed circuits, monitoring systems or concertinas, it does not require any special permission for its installing, however, in the case of a security Electric Fence, its presence must be warned with signs.

The energizer has a back up battery that allows it to work for up to 48 hours in case of power deficiencies, in the area.

Once it is installed, does not require much maintenance, only to keep it clear of vegetation: branches and tree leaves that may fall and get hooked, to keep the lines tense and to check the voltage level every now and then. Keeping the system free of vegetation is something that can be done by the house or building’s gardener. We recommend that every time any work is going to be done near the electric fence it remains turned off. Enérgico S.A. offers a Maintenance Policy.

Just as with the fences or walls that border other lots it is always good to coordinate with their owners, who in many cases, have installed an Electric Fence and shared the cost between neighbors or each one saving the adjoining they share by having their exterior common perimeter protected.

The Electric Fence generates a minimum expenditure of electricity, similar to a 5-watt bulb. Insignificant relative to its contribution to the protection of property. The electric fence is designed and manufactured to be on 24 hours, 365 days a year.

The system does not activate the alarm if a cat or any other small animal touches it simply repels it without causing permanent damage, but it will not trigger the alarm. For this to happen, three or more lost pulses are needed.