We protect your property

24 hours a day

365 days of the year

Cerco Eléctrico® is an effective safety system based on a simple principle: the natural fear of electricity combined with an alarm system.

Security Fences

A complete perimeter alarm system with high voltage equipped with a backup battery. Simplicity of use is the basis for its strength.


Livestock Fences

A complete system of Electric Fences that offers an effective control of all types of cattle and pets.


Acero Eléctrico®

A powerful welcoming committee to the intruders: Cerco Eléctrico® combined with Acerogrill®.


We are Installations Leaders

Sistema Energico S.A. started operations in 1998 jumpstarting what nowdays is a whole new economic activity, perimeter protection using high voltage + alarm. Today, many years after, we are still market leaders, but, above all, leaders in innovation and service.

Payment Options

Sistema Energico S.A. offers several pay options . Credit Card, Credifacil Mercantil (up to 36 months financing) , and special plans for Condominums

Maintenance contracts

Sistema Enérgico S.A., offers Mantainance Contracts designed to facilitated service processes, lowering operational costs helping to extend the system life span.

Questions? - Contact Us

Venezuela: Toll free number 0800 ENERGIA (3637442) Or call to our Service Department: (58 212) 317.4732 / 317.4735 / (58 414) 322.2342 Mexico: (521 55) 6814 1967